Send price quotes

Generate price quotes with a few clicks, add products with images and personalize the information right before sending them if necessary.


Facebook integration

Capture leads with a web form. The leads will be assigned to your sales team and a call will be automatically scheduled.


Schedule follow-up emails and Autofollow will send them automatically. You'll be notified when these emails have been read.


Sales campaigns

Automatically distribute lead assignment in your sales team and activate all your sellers with a few clicks.

Client base

Centralize your sales information and keep it safe along with your calendar, price quotes and reports, everything in one place, safe and accessible.


Sales tracking

When making a phone call to a lead, the seller will always have to schedule the next call until the sale has been closed.

Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign serves to offer a new product, maintain contact with your customers and to meet new prospects.



Issue valid and sealed digital invoices, without having to work double with another different system. All your price quotes can be converted into invoices.

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